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Dark Telephony

9-11 October 2015

Prototype Performance – Performing Mobilities – Between RMIT and North Melbourne

Throughout 2015 Robert Walton and Jason Maling are developing a responsive time-based narrative experience that moves across media, bodies and technologies, between public and private spaces. Dark Telephony is controlled by call-centre technology and will be mediated by an interactive telephone system via individual mobile devices, social media and its human avatars. In this iteration the Dark Telephony system will manifest a live performance for a small group of participants. Part call-centre horror story, part spectral encounter with oneself, the work exploits the uneasy relationship we have with automated disembodied telephone systems. It plays on that vague sense that our mundane communications are not all they seem and an all-pervasive and non-locatable ‘other’ might actually be tracking and directing our movements. Participants will literary ring in to be wrung out.

More information on Performing Mobilities website.


Performing Mobiles: Smartphones and Theatre

Conference Paper – RMIT – Performing Mobilities – 11 October 2015

I will present this paper at PERFORMING MOBILITIES Conference at RMIT which is part of Performance Studies International #21 FLUID STATES 

Both Apple and Google’s App Stores were launched in 2008 heralding an age of handheld, mobile computing. Since then more than 125 billion apps have been downloaded and by the end of 2014, 81% of Australians owned a smartphone. Theatre attendance in the same period has remained a steady 16% of the Australian population visiting at least once per year. Thus, if Australia’s theatregoers reflect the population as a whole, four out of five of them will bring their smartphone to a performance and silence it. Because, while smartphone usage for some has penetrated almost every aspect of daily life, it remains anathema to live theatre. This paper begins to discuss theatre in the age of the smartphone and analyses theatre’s potential to move, as other communication systems have, ‘over the top’ of existing infrastructure to spread across platforms via the Internet Protocol.


2015 Season 2 Arts House Events

Artists Q&As

Very excited to be meeting new artists as well as reconnecting with practices I have been following for years at the talks at Arts House this season. Looking forward to seeing you there.

SDS1 by Ahil Ratnamohan – Saturday 22 August 5pm
Confusion for Three by Jo Lloyd – Thursday 27 August 7:30pm
All Ears by Kate McIntosh – Friday 4 September 7:30pm
A Drone Opera by Matthew Sleeth – Friday 11 September
Dance of the Bee by Martin Friedel and Michael Kieran Harvey – Saturday 12 September
Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster by Nicola Gunn – Thursday 12 November

Visit Arts House’s Website and Book Now!


Hauntings: conjuring, exorcising and making friends with ghosts

A Food for Thought event by the Art, Social and Spatial Practice Research Cluster curated by Toby Juliff (VCA Art) and Robert Walton (VCA Theatre)

The subject of haunting – and that of its bedfellows ‘spectres’ ‘ghosts’ and the Gothic imaginary – continues to fascinate us. But we’re now more accustomed to talking about ‘haunting’ as a way of thinking about and practicing the past, present and future. Moving beyond the white bed sheet and the g-g-g-ghosts of Scooby Do this research performance vocalises, enacts, re-enacts, offers critique, conjures and exorcises the haunting of contemporary theatre, fine art and cultural performance. We welcome your participation.

Participants, respondents, discussants and exorcists for the evening include: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (experimental vocal artist), Robert Walton (VCA Theatre), Nigel Brown (sound artist), Toby Juliff (VCA Fine Art), Jason Maling (artist), Edward Colless (VCA Fine Art, Head  of Critical and Theoretical Studies), Sophie Knezic (VCA Fine Art and CATS).

When: Tuesday 16 June 2015. 5:30-7:30pm

Where: Art Auditorium, Dodds Street, Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank


2015 Season 1 Arts House Events


This season I will be hosting discussions with the following outstanding contemporary performance makers:

Thursday 7 May 7:30pm – Oedipus Schmoedipus by post – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Thursday 14 May 7:30pm – Endings by Tamara Saulwick – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Thursday 28 May 7:30pm – Semaphore by Kate Neal – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Visit Arts House’s Website and Book Now!

Simon Wilkinson ‘Transmedia Immersion’ Lecture – ACMI – Melbourne – Part 1

Simon Wilkinson presents his work and ideas on transmedia immersion. Recorded at ACMI [Australian Centre for the Moving Image] – Federation Square, Melbourne 10:03:15

Presented by Federation Square as part of their Creative Programme, Hosted by Robert Ellis Walton [VCA]

Simon Wilkinson ‘Transmedia Immersion’ Interview & Q&A – ACMI – Melbourne – Part 2

Simon Wilkinson of Circa69 in conversation about transmedia immersion. Recorded at ACMI [Australian Centre for the Moving Image] – Federation Square, Melbourne 10:03:15 Presented by Federation Square as part of their Creative Programme, Hosted by Robert Ellis Walton [VCA]


ACMI Events: In Conversation with Simon Wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson In Conversation

Tuesday 10 March | 6.30pm – 7.30pm | ACMI


Simon Wilkinson is a multi-award winning and internationally renowned artist whose interactive, transmedia and immersive works cross over into performance, installation, theatre, video art and elaborate interactive multi-platform narratives.

This forum event, presented by Fed Square’s Creative Program and hosted by Robert Ellis Walton [VCA] will include a presentation by Simon Wilkinson on the most recent developments in interactivity, multi-platform, virtual reality and technology-based arts; followed by a discussion and audience Q&A.

This event is followed by a free performance of Beyond the Bright Black Edge of Nowhere in Fed Square.

FREE but reservations essential BOOK HERE:

For more information about the event:


Immersive Transmedia Storytelling in Theatre and Performance

A workshop for artists and researchers led by Simon Wilkinson of Circa69

1:30 – 5:00pm | Thursday 12 March 2015 | Federation Square Board Room

FREE but registration required as spaces limited.

The workshop will cover the psychology of attention with respect to audience immersion, the principles of multi-platform storytelling for live work plus a look at current and emerging technologies including oculus rift, leap motion and kinect.


The immersive work Contra is one of several new works being staged as part of FR!SK. Image via

Interview: VCA gets FR!SKy for Fringe – ArtsHub Interview

A festival-within-a-festival, FR!SK aims to help emerging artists get to grips with professional practice.

By Richard Watts

Published Tuesday 9 September 2014

Presented as part of the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and running over four days, FR!SK is a festival of new live art and performance works created by VCA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) students.

Eight new works feature in the FR!SK program, exploring a range of themes – discrimination, gaming, our decaying digital-age relationship with privacy and personhood – and embracing a range of performance modes and styles. One common trait all the works share, however, is an interest in evolving the nature of theatre; adapting the ancient art form for the 21st century.


  • Arts House Season 2 Brochure Page

Season 2 Arts House Events

Come along to five events I am hosting at Arts House during their brilliant 2014 second season.

The Supper Club

The first of Art House’s new concept evening including food, drink, provocation and discussion with Emily Sexton, Julian Meyrick and myself

Tue 5 August, 7pm – 10pm Live Performance: Hopelessly Outdated or the Perfect Antidote to Digital Slacktivism? More info and booking >>

Artists Q&As

I will be hosting discussions with the following outstanding contemporary performance makers.

Thu 21 August, 8.45pm Chunky Move – Keep Everything, choreographed by Antony Hamilton. Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Sat 11 October, 8.40pm Dewey Dell – Marzo  Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Tue 28 October, 7.30pm one step at a time like this – Since I Suppose Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall  More info and booking >>

Thu 13 November, 9.10pm Ridiculusmus – The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland Arts House, Meat Market More info and booking >>

Visit Arts House’s Website and Book Now!

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