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Arts House Talks November 2016

This November join us at North Melbourne Town Hall to meet the following great artists in conversation with me directly after their shows:

Tremor – Ashley Dyer and company –  Thursday 17 November 2016 –  More details…

Permission to Speak – Chamber Made Opera, Tamara Saulwick and Kate Neal – Thursday 24 November 2016 – More details…



Hungry for Art and Social Practice: creative strategies examining the politics and performance of Melbourne food culture

Friday 8 July, 1:30- 3pm, Arts Hall, University of Melbourne

A PSi 2016 Performing Climates Curated Panel

Melbourne is not simply the city for Foodies but has also become a site of everyday art intervention exploring changing food culture in the contexts of climate change and mass migration. Within this burgeoning field, social practice artists and arts producers are using a range of affective, political, artistic and discursive strategies to engage the public, industry and consumers. Performatively staged as a live dinner party, this delicious discussion is hosted by Marnie Badham and Robert Walton examining the creative engagement strategies of three artistic projects regarding food in Melbourne. After presenting media-rich content to illustrate each project, dinner guests will discuss this burgeoning field in the context of new forms of contemporary art and social practice.

Distinguished Panel

Professor Laurie Beth Clark and Associate Professor Michael Peterson, Department of Art, University of Wisconsin discussing Foodways Melbourne.

Kendyl Rossi, Creative Projects Producer, Federation Square discussing Fed Sq Food Offerings

Angharad Wynne-Jones Artistic Director, Arts House, City of Melbourne and Tipping Point Australia discussing The Supper Club

Dr. Jen Rae, Centre for Cultural Partnerships, VCA and Dawn Weleski, Conflict Kitchen, Pittsburgh discussing Fair Share Fare

Image of Cassie at Firecracker‘s Food Body for The Supper Club: Revolting Body at Arts House 2016


2016 Season 1 Arts House Events

Artists Q&As

Very excited to be returning to Arts House to meet the following outstanding artists whose practices I have been following for many years. Looking forward to seeing you there.

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and Jacob Boheme, Blood on the Dance Floor (Thursday 2 June)

Melanie Jame Wolf/Savage Amusement, Mira Fuchs (Thursday 9 June)

Nic Green and Company, Trilogy (Saturday 25 June)

Dalisa Pigram & Rachael Swain of Marrugeku, Cut the Sky (Thursday 7 July)

Download the whole programme here.

Confirmation Presentation 1

Lecture: Transmedia Dramaturgy – Theatre, Smartphones and Networked Performance

Confirmation Presentation – 4pm 16 December 2015 – Art Auditorium, VCA

Please join me at this public lecture followed by a discussion.

Do hybrid media performances require a transmedia dramaturgy?

The aim of this research is to examine the dramaturgical, philosophical and aesthetic capabilities of performances deliberately expanded to spread across and be experienced through the everyday technologies of a ‘networked culture’.

I will present an overview of key literature and focus specifically on the findings from a series of experimental performances delivered on smartphones over the year (The Asphodel, Still Life and Dark Telephony). I will introduce the first prototype of the Vanitas project, presented at Arts House in November, which was deployed across an app, voice calls, SMS, webpages, maps, an installation and Errol and Victoria streets in North Melbourne. I will conclude by laying out some of the challenges of researching in this field and outline my plan for completing this research over the next two years.

Performing Mobiles Presentation

Lecture: Performing Mobiles – Smartphones and Theatre

Performing Mobilities a Performance Studies International Fluid States conference Sunday 11 October 2015

My current research investigates how performances are created and experienced by mixing live action in physical venues with networked communication systems like email, telephony, apps and social media accessed through smartphones. While most theatre performances occur within established venues at explicitly stated times, this research investigates how experience and understanding of performance might change when accessed through smartphones outside of traditional theatre settings. Informed by Henry Jenkins’ idea of ‘spreadable media’ (a concept that challenges ‘legacy’ media to find ways to spread across the new channels afforded by networked culture) I aim to establish how a decentralised, multi-platform performance might be constituted.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of the paper.


Performing Mobiles: Smartphones and Theatre

Conference Paper – RMIT – Performing Mobilities – 11 October 2015

I will present this paper at PERFORMING MOBILITIES Conference at RMIT which is part of Performance Studies International #21 FLUID STATES 

Both Apple and Google’s App Stores were launched in 2008 heralding an age of handheld, mobile computing. Since then more than 125 billion apps have been downloaded and by the end of 2014, 81% of Australians owned a smartphone. Theatre attendance in the same period has remained a steady 16% of the Australian population visiting at least once per year. Thus, if Australia’s theatregoers reflect the population as a whole, four out of five of them will bring their smartphone to a performance and silence it. Because, while smartphone usage for some has penetrated almost every aspect of daily life, it remains anathema to live theatre. This paper begins to discuss theatre in the age of the smartphone and analyses theatre’s potential to move, as other communication systems have, ‘over the top’ of existing infrastructure to spread across platforms via the Internet Protocol.


2015 Season 2 Arts House Events

Artists Q&As

Very excited to be meeting new artists as well as reconnecting with practices I have been following for years at the talks at Arts House this season. Looking forward to seeing you there.

SDS1 by Ahil Ratnamohan – Saturday 22 August 5pm
Confusion for Three by Jo Lloyd – Thursday 27 August 7:30pm
All Ears by Kate McIntosh – Friday 4 September 7:30pm
A Drone Opera by Matthew Sleeth – Friday 11 September
Dance of the Bee by Martin Friedel and Michael Kieran Harvey – Saturday 12 September
Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster by Nicola Gunn – Thursday 12 November

Visit Arts House’s Website and Book Now!


Hauntings: conjuring, exorcising and making friends with ghosts

A Food for Thought event by the Art, Social and Spatial Practice Research Cluster curated by Toby Juliff (VCA Art) and Robert Walton (VCA Theatre)

The subject of haunting – and that of its bedfellows ‘spectres’ ‘ghosts’ and the Gothic imaginary – continues to fascinate us. But we’re now more accustomed to talking about ‘haunting’ as a way of thinking about and practicing the past, present and future. Moving beyond the white bed sheet and the g-g-g-ghosts of Scooby Do this research performance vocalises, enacts, re-enacts, offers critique, conjures and exorcises the haunting of contemporary theatre, fine art and cultural performance. We welcome your participation.

Participants, respondents, discussants and exorcists for the evening include: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (experimental vocal artist), Robert Walton (VCA Theatre), Nigel Brown (sound artist), Toby Juliff (VCA Fine Art), Jason Maling (artist), Edward Colless (VCA Fine Art, Head  of Critical and Theoretical Studies), Sophie Knezic (VCA Fine Art and CATS).

When: Tuesday 16 June 2015. 5:30-7:30pm

Where: Art Auditorium, Dodds Street, Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank


2015 Season 1 Arts House Events


This season I will be hosting discussions with the following outstanding contemporary performance makers:

Thursday 7 May 7:30pm – Oedipus Schmoedipus by post – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Thursday 14 May 7:30pm – Endings by Tamara Saulwick – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Thursday 28 May 7:30pm – Semaphore by Kate Neal – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall More info and booking >>

Visit Arts House’s Website and Book Now!

Simon Wilkinson ‘Transmedia Immersion’ Interview & Q&A – ACMI – Melbourne – Part 2

Simon Wilkinson of Circa69 in conversation about transmedia immersion. Recorded at ACMI [Australian Centre for the Moving Image] – Federation Square, Melbourne 10:03:15 Presented by Federation Square as part of their Creative Programme, Hosted by Robert Ellis Walton [VCA]

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