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Transdisciplinary Form and Production: Reflections on Translation, Embodiment and Mobility (through Alma Mater, 2011)

by Robert Walton and James Oliver

A collaboratively authored paper available in 2012 Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference Proceedings.  The paper responds to the conference theme of ‘Interference as a strategy for art’.

An earlier draft is available here, read on for more.

Alma Mater @ Scotland Street School Museum Trailer

See the show: Friday 28 – Sunday 30 September 2012
Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

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Alma Mater Trailer

Alma Mater by Fish and Game is a filmic tour for one that fuses high-technology with our trademark lo-fi charm to create a piece that sits between theatre, film and installation. Individual audience members enter a specially constructed, full-scale child’s bedroom to immerse themselves- via iPad- in the world of a little girl in this handheld, 21st century fairy tale.

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