October 2017

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Notes on A 24-Decade History of Popular Music...


Notes on A 24-Decade History of Popular Music...


Notes on A 24-Decade History of Popular Music...


The Best of Great Ocean Road On A Google Map


Notes on A 24-Decade History of Popular Music #1


September 2017

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Blood Catalogue: Words Of Bloody Wisdom


July 2017

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Confronting the feel, smell and taste of blood...


May 2017

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Vanitas: an app to die for – Precinct

iphone with vanitas wide

Vanitas at Melbourne General Cemetery

A smartphone thriller told through the secret language of flowers.Created by Robert Walton and Jason Maling 20-21 May 2017, Arts House & Melbourne General CemeteryMore dates in the pipeline!

Live Art Class Resources

November 2016

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Blood – Open Call – Science Gallery...


October 2016

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Lives Interrupted – Lecture and Classes at...


ASTR Minneapolis November 2016

Wednesday 2 – Sunday 6 November I am joining the Theater and Transmedia working group at the American Society of

September 2016

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Arts House Talks November 2016


July 2016

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Welcome to Melbourne


Hungry for Art and Social Practice: creative...


April 2016

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2016 Season 1 Arts House Events




March 2016

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Vanitas Premieres at Festival of Live Art

A smartphone thriller told through the secret language of flowers.Created by Robert Walton and Jason Maling 20-21 May 2017, Arts House & Melbourne General CemeteryMore dates in the pipeline!

February 2016

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Launch dates for “It’s All Allowed:...


Festival of Live Art Program is Launched

Excited to be part of this amazing biennial festival right here in Melbourne!

January 2016

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VCA students bring Frisk festival back to Natimuk

Following the success of the 2014 tour, the Victorian College of the Arts’ Frisk Festival returned to Natimuk in November 2015

December 2015

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Lecture: Transmedia Dramaturgy – Theatre,...

Confirmation Presentation – 4pm 16 December 2015 – Art Auditorium, VCA Please join me at this public lecture followed by

November 2015

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Positive Champion Award

October 2015

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Lecture: Performing Mobiles – Smartphones...

Performing Mobiles Presentation

September 2015

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Backstage at FRISK: the making of Three Birds One Cock

2015 graduate Madelaine Nunn discusses the FRISK show she developed with Candace Gray and Anna Rodway.

Dark Telephony

9-11 October 2015 Prototype Performance – Performing Mobilities – Between RMIT and North Melbourne Throughout 2015 Robert Walton and Jason

Performing Mobiles: Smartphones and Theatre

Conference Paper – RMIT – Performing Mobilities – 11 October 2015 I will present this paper at PERFORMING MOBILITIES Conference

August 2015

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2015 Season 2 Arts House Events


June 2015

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Hauntings: conjuring, exorcising and making...


April 2015

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2015 Season 1 Arts House Events

All these pictures of the world should not be allegories of infinite mobility and interchangeability but of elaborate...
Donna Haraway 1988, 'Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective', Feminist Studies, vol. 14, no. 3, p. 583

Digital Theatre: live and mobile – RealTime


Simon Wilkinson ‘Transmedia...

Simon Wilkinson ‘Transmedia...

March 2015

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Forget about good. Good is a known quantity. Good is what we all agree on. Growth is not necessarily good. Growth is an...

John Cage: Some Rules for Students and Teachers

Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth. Don't be attached to the results.
Angeles Arrien via Phelim McDermott via Deborah Richardson-Webb & David Richmond

ACMI Events: In Conversation with Simon Wilkinson


January 2015

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Journal Article: Bewildering Behaviour in...

December 2014

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Interview: What to do if you didn’t get in...

Don't take the rejection letter personally. Image: www.thealchemistskitchen.blogspot.com.au

FR!SK @Natimuk

September 2014

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Interview: VCA gets FR!SKy for Fringe –...

The immersive work Contra is one of several new works being staged as part of FR!SK. Image via www.melbournefringe.com.au

August 2014

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Interview: Strong tradition, new moves –...

VCA Company 2014 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Year Production Students), UN/clean, directed by Noel Jordan, part of ENUF is Enough* photo Giulio Tami

Public Talk – Bewildering Behaviour

Bewildering Behaviour: Practice as Research for audiences and other creators of immersive performance VCA 2014 Research Seminars Presenter: Robert Walton In

July 2014

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Season 2 Arts House Events

Robert Walton gets HOT – Radio Interview...

Cheeky wee interview with Gareth Vile where we discuss live art, theatre, dance, Fish & Game, Australia and of course the

June 2014

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HOT Press Reviews

Dual by Stephanie Lake

Season Overview for HOT: New Dance and...

Conversation Piece by Lucy Guerin Inc

HOT Press Previews

Three great previews in the Scottish press. The Scotsman carried an interview preview with Lucy Guerin and I. Mary Brennan

April 2014

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New Commission: In Your Hands – Arts House...


March 2014

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The Festival of Live Art has arrived … but...

Don’t worry about definitions, dressing up or whether you will understand it “correctly”. Just go!

December 2013

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Aung San Suu Kyi Speech on World AIDS Day 2013

We must have our differences and we must recognise them, but these differences should be an opportunity to be more...
Aung San Suu Kyi, 1 December 2013, Government House World AIDS Day Launch, Melbourne

November 2013

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On Earthquake at VCA – The Age


It’s an Earthquake in My Heart – Short

August 2013

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Acting up – climate change cause needs...

It’s time to get climate change onto the stage.

Site, Immersion and Intimacy Resources:...

This page is a repository of resource links to practices explored in my seminar series running alongside the Three Performances

RealTime Interview – Arts Education: Utopia...

Melanie Beddie and I appear in Keith Gallasch’s RealTime feature on Arts Education (RealTime 116). We outline our ‘utopian’ vision

July 2013

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Acting up – climate change cause needs performers’ help

New article published on The Conversation. Please read, comment, and share with your networks.

April 2013

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I am by no means opposed to words but, having recognized their slipperiness, we should give up the pretence that they...
Robin Nelson - Practice as Research in The Arts

March 2013

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Transdisciplinary Form and Production:...

Transdisciplinary Wordle

Social Gaming: India/Australia Performance

The Perfect (Performance) Gift


Survival Techniques: Advice for Day 1

Today, the first day of the academic year, is a good moment to share with everyone some of the things

February 2013

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2012 was busier than I thought.

A new course at VCA.  Performances in England, Scotland, Australia and Germany.  A trip to tsunami affected areas of Japan.

January 2013

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City Guide to Glasgow for RealTime Traveller

Glasgow Traffic Wardens huddle in frozen Queens Park

Kickstart 2013 Announced

It was a great privilege to represent Theatre and Performance on the Next Wave Curatorial Advisory Committee for Kickstart 2013.  We

September 2012

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Around Coastal Miyagi Prefecture, Japan Monday 4...

Alma Mater @ Scotland Street School Museum

August 2012

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1st-hand encounter of Panda-Diplomacy: chairing post-show chat at Fight The Landlord @artscentremelb Friday. C u there bit.ly/QoKDhC — Robert Walton

3 days in Japan as a guest of the Theatre...


July 2012

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Here’s a story from part of my trip to Japan that folk might be interested in. All thoughts and comments

After The Tsunami: Guest Post on VCA Blog

24 Hours in Miyagi Prefecture My host Kaori Nakayama of the Japan Arts Council and coordinator of Theatre Planning Network

February 2012

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Alma Mater @ Scotland Street School Museum...

Alma Mater Trailer

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