Fish & Game

Fish & Game

It’s not every day that you are offered a brand new way of looking at the world, but Ivor MacAskill and Robert Walton’s piece gives you just that.

The Stage

Fish & Game is a Glasgow-based performance company that I co-founded with Ivor MacAskill in 2005.  I stood down as Co-Artistic Director of Fish & Game in 2013. The company continues to produce excellent works that tour internationally under Ivor’s brilliant guidance.  During eight years of collaboration as Fish & Game, Ivor and I produced 17 performance works in a variety of sites and countries.

Glasgow’s Live Art super-group… the excellent Fish & Game.

The Skinny

These are original and talented thinkers and theatre-makers. I have not been so intrigued or challenged by a new show from Scotland for a long time.

The Times


Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director


Founded 2005



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