Reader Performance Group

Reader Performance Group

Reader was a Glasgow-based collaboration held between Hannah Chiswell (2001-02), Lalage Harries, James Leadbitter, Eilidh MacAskill and Robert Walton. During the four years that Reader existed the group produced 16 distinct performance works in a variety of sites and countries and with a host of guest collaborators.

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The Act of Reading (and the Fire Next Time)

By Stephen J. Bottoms, 2004

This piece introduces Reader with reference to a range of works.  An insightful article from the publication that accompanied the Strangers and Intimacy project where Reader wrote letters to, and eventually visited artists living in Melbourne.

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Reader Works

Can’t you hear me?  It’s dark in here.  Where have you gone anyway? : weathering the storms of human relations : a symposium
April 2005, commissioned for Do Not Interrupt Your Activities, Royal College of Art, London
7 performers


Strangers and Intimacy
International research and performance project
7 performers
Part 1: International Writing Project, September – December 2004
Part 2: Performance Installation, 27th Jan – 5th Feb 2005, West Space Gallery, Melbourne
Part 3: Studio Performance, 9th, 10th March in CCA, Glasgow

8th, 9th, 10th December 2004, Chandler Studio, RSAMD, Glasgow
7 performers

Songs from the Burning Bed : Song Minus One – Cock of the Walk
26th, 27th, 28th November 2004, CCA, Glasgow
5 performers

Songs from the Burning Bed : Selected Songs
27th August 2004, CCA, Glasgow
4 performers

Songs from the Burning Bed : Song One – FIREMASTER
28th May, SiLENCiO, Edinburgh and 29th May 2004, Market Gallery, Glasgow
3 performers

Warm Welcome Cold Climate
19th November 2003, CCA, Glasgow
4 performers

Base Camp II
19th October 2003, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh
3 performers

Dumb Bunny
9-11th October 2003, Tramway, Glasgow. A Tramway Dark Lights Commission
4 performers

Base Camp 
22nd August 2003, EmergeD @ Brunswick Youth Hostel, Edinburgh
2 performers

A meeting to decide the nature of a new planet and it’s contents
8th July 2003, Mono Cafe (4 performers)

Special Relationship
20th November 2002, for EmergeD @ SYHA Youth Hostel, Glasgow
5 performers

your hand on my skin and the Earth’s still turning
October – November 2002, Brunel University, Dartington Arts, The Arches Live! Season
5 performers

Mr Pig says ‘Outwith the old’
25th June 2002, Tramway, Glasgow
5 performers

So Long
First performed June 2001, Dartington College of Arts, Devon then toured
4 performers


Co-Founder, Co-Artisitc Director, Performer, Deviser/Writer


2001 – 2005


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