Live Art Class Resources

This page is a repository of resource links to practices explored in my seminar series on Live Art.

Links to the work of: Jill Orr, Lyndal Jones, One Step at a Time Like This, Aphids, PVI Collective, Jason Mailing, Benjamin Cittadini, Robert Wilson, Rimini Protokoll, Duncan Speakman, Marcus Coates, Fish & Game, Persis-Jade Maravala & Zecora Ura, Janet Cardiff, Punchdrunk, Lone Twin, Gob Squad, Forced Entertainment, Ant Hampton, Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan, Field Theory.

Please contact me with suggestions for extending the list and with errata.

Australian Artists and Companies

Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan

Amy Spiers:

Amy Spiers and Catherine Ryan – Nothing to See Here (Dispersal)

Closed to the Public: Click Here

Amy Spiers: Miranda Must Go: Click Here

International Artists and Companies

Marcus Coates (UK)

Introduction: Tate Shots

Full Journey To Lower World video and documentation available from Robert.

Fish & Game (Aus/UK) – Alma Mater

Video from Alma Mater Series

Featured on Newsnight Review

Alma Mater – Arts House Melbourne

Alma Mater – Scotland Street School

Alma Mater – Audience Experience at Scotland Street School

Ant Hampton (UK) – The Silent Volume

Ant Hampton:

The Quiet Volume:




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