Around Coastal Miyagi Prefecture, Japan Monday 4 June 2012

This video documents a brief visit to Miyagi Prefecture a year after the devastating 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Like everyone else I was moved by the images of the tsunami on the news, yet I never imagined that a year later I would be visiting the region. I made this video to share a little of what I saw that day.

This was the first day of my first trip to Japan. I was a guest of Kaori Nakayama and the Theatre Planning Network. We started early in Tokyo taking the Shinkansen to Sendai to meet Takako Ofuji. In the afternoon Takako drove Kaori and I around Ojika Peninsula’s coastal towns, before visiting Ishinomaki on the way back to Sendai. Monday 4 June 2012 was a long, emotionally draining yet extraordinary day on my trip to Japan, and one that I will never forget. I am grateful to my hosts and the people of Miyagi who made me feel so welcome that day.


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