Exhuming Johnny Short Video

Exhuming Johnny combines extreme physical exertion and sci-fi speculation to ask difficult questions about the effort of living in the present and our dreams of escaping to the past. How much sweat does it take to change the course of history? This new performance by Robert Walton and Company remixes Goat Island with Twin Peaks on a trip back to 1991.

Exhuming Johnny is a creative response to Goat Island’s 1991 performance ‘Can’t take Johnny to the funeral’. The 70 minute work was commissioned by the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) as part of the exhibition ‘goat island archive – we have discovered the performance by making it’.

Exhuming Johnny premiered on 19 April 2019 in the Sidney R. Yates Gallery at Chicago Cultural Center.

More information: http://robertwalton.net/project/cant-…


Tom Benko – Rhythms and Sounds

Mark Comiskey – Video

Callum Grant – Performer

Jean Grant – Performer

Chris Mosier – Performer

Sebastian Robinson – Performer

Catie Rutledge – Assistant Director & Video Editor

Robert Walton – Director – Commissioned Artist and Jackman Goldwasser Resident Artist at Hyde Park Arts Center


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