Hello, my name is
Robert Walton
I am an artist, educator and writer.

I bring together people, places and technology to make new kinds of interaction. I experiment with what a gathering of attention can do and get carried away remixing realities into waking dreams.

Why are you here? Maybe you want to know more about me, or my projects or what I’ve been up to in my blog? Maybe you want to know about my curation, talks and work with others? Or about my research or work in universities, or maybe you just want to get in contact?

Context is Theatre. Nice opening keynote by @teaelleu here at #CreativeState

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Vanitas Nominated for Webby Award!

Art work for smartphones and cemeteries nominated for 'oscars of the internet'

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App, Current, Mobile, Original, Show, Technology, Transmedia

Robert Walton’s production attains the fluid potency of a fever-dream 
– The Age

A spine-tingling encounter
– The Guardian

The world’s first piece of iPad theatre. Eerie, unsettling and very, very clever.
– The Independent

An original and talented thinker and theatre-maker
– The Times

A wholly new theatrical experience
– The List

A brand new way of looking at the world
–  The Stage