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Sacrifice: Contemplating Time and Trust


Black Box Theatre, Science Gallery Melbourne, 114 Grattan Street Carlton, VIC, 3053 Australia (map)

Enter the mysterious world of Sacrifice, an intimate ceremony performed with an autonomous swarm of stone-robots.

Part performance, part experiment, Sacrifice is the product of a radical collaboration between theatre, robotics, and archaeology specialists that invites you to interact with ancient and emerging technologies of contemplation.

 Warning: Visitors willing to sacrifice their movement and become stone-like may be rewarded with insight into stone-robot perception of cosmological and atomic time.

Sacrifice asks: Can robots be as trustworthy as stones? Could encounters with swarm robotics prompt profound insight, transcendental thought, empathy, and enlightenment similar to encounters with ancient standing stones? Could we borrow the trust placed in stone and apply it to robots?

Join us to explore these questions together through playful and profound experimentation.


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