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New Cemetery Dates Announced Soon

Like a painting by a Dutch master reminding us that life is temporary, Vanitas is never quite what it seems. It begins as an ominous bouquet of flowers and ends with a rendezvous at the centre of the cemetery where secrets are revealed to those who seek an answer.

Blurring documentary with fiction, Vanitas is a reflective thriller about life’s great mystery: death. Experience it through your own smartphone and decrypt it through the secret language of flowers.

Follow the narrators as they move across the city tracking down the experts and evidence needed to fill the void at the centre of their inquiry. Each step forward brings them a little closer to the past. Yet they are only one step ahead of you.

Vanitas stretches across the glass of your phone, up your finger, through your body and out into the world. You can sit back and listen, or take it for a walk through the cemetery. The problem is knowing where the edges are, where Vanitas ends and the real world begins.

Project History

Vanitas began at Arts House Festival of Live Art in March 2016. The last major instalment took place on 20 & 21 May 2017 with Arts House at Melbourne General Cemetery. For more information visit the Vanitas website.


Please send your questions and comments to us, we’d love to hear your experience of Vanitas. Use the form HERE contact the team.

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Technical Requirements Checklist

To experience Vanitas you will need:

  1. Your own Apple or Android smartphone* with an internet connection,
  2. Your own headphones,
  3. An Australian mobile telephone number,
  4. An email address,
  5. A coat or umbrella in case of rain,
  6. To download the App from App Store or Google Play.

*iPhone 4S or higher with up to date installation of iOS (5S recommended) OR Android 5+ or higher. Sadly at this stage we are not able to support Windows phones.


Vanitas Creators: Robert Walton and Jason Maling

Narrated by: Jason Maling and Robert Walton

Interaction Design and Programming: Chris Heywood

Sound design and editing: Rob Jordan

Graphic Design: Supernaut

Vanitas is part of In Your Hands, commissioned by Arts House and the Australia Council for the Arts through its New Digital Theatre Initiative.



Date: March 2016 – Created for: In Your Hands, Arts House, Australia Council for the Arts Categories: Show, Smartphone, Transmedia Website: vanitas.online

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